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QuadGirl ATV Adventure Tours Los Barriles

La Cienega Waterfall Tour
Have you ever seen an oasis in the middle of a desert? This La Cienega Waterfall is a surprise oasis to many.  The scenic ride up to the waterfall travels through steep mountains covered with lush vegetation.  When you travel north from Los Barriles, take a left at the first arroyo (Arroyo Buenos Aries) and follow it all the way up the canyons to the waterfall.   There you can take a refreshing swim in the cool pooling waters at the base of the waterfall, or pack your lunch and enjoy the views of the mountains and the sea.

San Bartolo & Plantation Tour
Wanting something unique to do?  Just a 30 minute ride north of the town of Los Barriles, you’ll find the quaint village of San Bartolo. Here you can enjoy the scenery while driving through the Arroyo San Bartolo. After you’ve arrived, steep yourself in the traditional Mexican town, savor classic Mexican cuisine and sample the many freshly-made mango products that this sleepy little village is widely known for.

Punta Pescadero Tour

This is another perfect day trip on the quads. Travel north along the beachside road all the way to Punta Pescadero. Here you will encounter amazing views of the Sea of Cortez. This off-road trek offers great rewards to Baja adventurers.  Serene beaches, incredible shore fishing, and fantastic snorkeling opportunities are there for your discovery.  This is a large area where you can stop along the way when you find a spot you like. Bring lunch and enjoy Baja time!

ATV tours los barriles

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